Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yes they are Insects!!

Glad I fixed all the fly screens on the van before we got to the N.T.

These look like huge mozzies, but they don't bite, they just get all over you.

And Buzz!!!

There were so many buzzing and byumping against the window if we had the light on that they sounded like rain.

Needles to say we only stayed by this lake for one night!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Old Beetroot Tin Fix

A cover off an old vent came off somewhere between Darwin and Adelaide.

Why is it you always remember to fix these kind of things after a heavy bit of rain?

Home Sweet Home

We have established a tent city here on the outskirts of Sydney.  Between scrounging off the hosts (does that make us parasites) and what we brought with us we're getting positively comfortable.

We will be picking and packing fruit for the next two months.  Getting excited about Martin (Meredith's brother) and Julie and the ferrets coming back from Argentina and starting to look forward and think about moving to Tamworth next year.


A couple of apologies:

We sent a bunch of about 30 postcards from a little place called Dululu, wesat of Gladstone.  So far of all the people we've caught up with, that we know of, none of the postcards sent from there have arrived.  This was two months ago.
So if you might have expected a postcard but haven't received one, we don't know where it is either.

Things are going to be a bit out of order from now on.  For a while there through the NT and SA we had very little coverage and very little charge and add car trouble etc and we just didn't get any posting done.  Over the next couple of weeks or couple of months we hope to catch up a bit.

Other Posts
A quick apology to the council for the bin Claire knocked over and the post she nearly rode into in Renmark.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Where Are We Now????

No prizes, as some local knowledge is essential to get this one.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Town Names

Visited a few nice places in the wheat belt of South Australia.

Elizabeth had her own suburb in Adelaide, but the trip was noisy enough.  We didn't go there.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bloggers Anonymous

Does anybody have the web address for Bloggers Anonymous?

11:00 am in the  morning.
Still in the pyjamas
Oblivious to the world around.
Who's feeding the kids?
Elizabeth is playing with the stove.

It's time for an intervention!

Interesting road kill. What's for dinner?

Wildflowers and more wildflowers.

The Central Australian desert has had good rain and so we have seen beautiful wildflowers. We haven't really seen the desert as it normally is. 

Where are we now? Clue; we are not at the snow!